Another random short

SO…I wasn’t going to put this up because I didn’t feel like it was good enough when I read through it after I finished it. And technically it isn’t really finished but I’m not sure if I want to continue. I know, broody right? Anyway, this would maybe be another scene from my teacher student idea that I have wandering around in my head. So, hope you enjoy.

Mia heard the front door open and slam closed and hoped to god it wasn’t who she thought it was.


The voice wasn’t as loud as she thought it would be. She closed her eyes at the sound and paused on the stairs as her voice traveled to her ears and she cursed her body when she felt the goosebumps start to rise and her stomach start to churn. The clicking sound of heels made their way closer to the stair case and Mia slowly turned around and waited for the inevitable confrontation. The young woman rounded the corner with ferocity but stopped on a dime when she looked up and the two made eye contact.

And there Keira stood before her for the second time that night, and for the second time that night Mia found herself speechless. She stood tall and proud in her dress and heels. At the event Mia couldn’t take her eyes off her all night. Her eyes following the elegant being with hungry eyes. She couldn’t look away even if she tried and tried she did. But she found herself being drawn back into Keira like the moth to the vibrant flame that she was. But now Keira stood before her, still in that gorgeous dress and those high heels, but the hair that was made in an elegant up-do showing off her neck, was now down in a mess of curls making her look almost frazzled. Rushed. But still beautiful. Mia was also still in her dress albeit sans the heels of her own. Those were discarded at the door when she barged in through the door to run away from what happened. Her hair was also taken out of its up-do and was now hanging below her shoulder blades.

Keira threw her purse on the couch in the other room and crossed her arms. Her stare making Mia’s skin crawl in all the best ways possible. Keira’s eyes so green and intense Mia felt like she could drown in them.

“What are you doing here Keira?” Mia was glad her voice came out strong and unwavering despite how she was feeling.

“Would you care to explain to me what the hell happened tonight?” Damn it if Keira’s voice was stronger.

Mia took the few steps back down the stairs past Keira and was able to avoid making any physical contact with her.

Yes. What did exactly happen tonight? Mia thought to herself. She didn’t even give herself a minute to process it before or after her unlikely behavior. She was jealous. No matter which way she tried to spin it, it all came back to the fact that she was jealous that another girl was with Keira. But why? She was her student. Mia wasn’t even into women, not that she’d never not been into women, but she also has never been with one. So why did it disrupt her so much to cause her to make such a snide comment to Keira and then running out of the party like a bat out of hell?

“I had a lot to drink tonight.” You’re an idiot.

Keira’s eyebrows raised in surprise.

Really?” Keira unfolded her arms and placed her hands on her hips. “That’s what you’re going with? ‘I had too much to drink’?” She emphasized with air quotes. Mia didn’t know what to say, she knew it was a cop out.

“I really don’t need to explain myself to you.” Mia tried to walk to her front door, fully intending to let Keira out but was stopped when the young woman grabbed her wrist and spun her back to face her.

“Oh yes you do. You think you can just say something like that to me and get to walk away from me? I don’t think so.” Keira waited for Mia to answer back as the older woman made her way to her kitchen, poured herself a glass of Scotch and took a sip. The words still ringing clearly in her head. So, she’s who you want? I thought you were interested in an older woman. Oh, Keira was indeed interested in an older woman. The very same older woman who was so blatantly jealous over her.

“What do you want me to say to you Keira?” Mia’s eyes were searching. She took another generous sip and placed the glass down on the center island. She walked around the island and leaned on the counter with her elbows behind her. “That I was jealous to see you all over someone else? A girl your actual age? Fine. I was.”

“Why? You’re straight.”

Mia’s face grew serious. She lifted the glass again and took another quick sip.

“Oh, that’s what you’re concerned about? I think my sexuality is the least of my problems Ms. Salinas.”

Keira took a few steps toward her. Eyeing the older woman carefully. Mia’s body grew hot under her gaze, she wanted to blame the 10-year-old Scotch but knew it was Keira.

“And what exactly is the bigger issue here?” Keira’s voice grew lower in its tone. “Ms. Thompson.” The voice of a seductress. Mia closed her eyes and reveled in that voice.

Mia didn’t respond right away. She couldn’t. The soft clicking of heels the only sound in the kitchen as Keira inched her way closer to the unobtainable woman of her dreams. Mia couldn’t think straight. With this young woman so close and the alcohol in her veins she was overwhelmed and intoxicated. She had decided she wouldn’t fight anymore. Mia opened her eyes and was met with Keira’s deep green ones. She breathed in deeply, taking in the scent of Keira, the soft smell of vanilla. She placed her now empty glass behind her on the counter before speaking.

“That you,” Mia placed her index finger under her chin and ran her thumb slowly over Keira’s plump bottom lip. “Ms. Salinas, are a huge tease and want to fuck your teacher.” Mia’s voice grew low and husky. The words she spoke had all but dripped out of her mouth like honey to Keira’s ears. The intensity in the atmosphere pushing Keira further into Mia’s proximity and urging her forward.

“I think you have an even bigger problem than that.” Mia raised her eyebrow and cocked her head to the side slightly. Keira took the thumb making a second pass over her bottom lip into her mouth and sucked. The action immediately dampening Mia’s panties and she bit her lip to suppress the light moan that escaped from her throat. She let Mia’s thumb slide out of her mouth before grabbing her waist and moving their bodies so close together that Keira spoke the words onto Mia’s lips. “You want to fuck me too.”


A new idea

Hey guys! So I have been dying to read a good detective novel and I am waiting for a certain favorite author of mine to publish hers (too impatient for my own good). In the meantime I thought about maybe trying to write one of my own. I probably wont go too far with this one as it is really something to pass the time. HOWEVER, things between these too ladies do pop into my head every now and again. This is just a teaser and I do plan on adding more to this. But if anyone can think of some good things to add, I am all ears.


“Let me address some of the worlds misconceptions about me as a bisexual, and I’m sure you are thinking the same. No, I do not want a threesome. I am an extremely territorial woman and what’s mine is,” Selena paused and gave Cassidy a once over to make her point that it was her, she was referring to. “mine. And in time, you will hate this little tidbit about me, fair warning, I’m a bit of a brat. But I digress; that’s a conversation for another time. I do not want a boyfriend and a girlfriend. I can barely handle one relationship, I refuse to have two at the same time, and again I don’t share. Let’s see what else?” Selena paused to think for a second. “Oh! Despite me liking both male and female anatomy, and this may be surprising,” Selena said sarcastically “but I don’t want to have sex with every man I see. I say man because that’s usually a big concern with lesbians about a bisexual woman, right? The fear of a man coming along and taking her? Mhm, I know. Want to know a secret? I hate being hit on by men. I honestly try to avoid it as much as possible, but I think that’s a female thing though; I’m friends with lesbians and straight women and we all agree that that men are pretty sexist and misogynistic at times.” Selena shrugged as if she’s had this conversation before, although Cassidy could tell by the look in her eyes and her attitude that it was getting old to her.

“I’m a woman who loves women. Who also happens to like men. But my attraction to men doesn’t diminish my attraction to women. I can even go as far as saying I am into women a little more. Prime example? If I had to choose between you or my ex-husband to fuck? It would be you without a second thought.”

“That’s because you love me.” Cassidy added quickly. Selena raised her eyebrow and scowled.

“No Cassidy, not just because I love you. Take all emotions out of the equation. If I was to get picked up at a bar and asked to go home with a man and a woman, separately,” Selena pointed a finger at Cassidy to prevent her from saying the snippy comment she knew was on the other woman’s tongue. “More often than not, I’m leaving with the pretty girl. Like I said, I like woman a little more. They are gorgeous and enticing, but I don’t need to explain that to you do I, Ms. High and Mighty lesbian?” The sassy comment bit at Cassidy and made her roll her eyes at the dig.

“Roll your eyes all you want baby. Is it really that hard to for you to get that I am legitimately into women? I mean, you have to know, considering I fucked you so good you thought I was a lesbian all this time.” Selena paused and placed her thumb under her chin and tapped her lips with her forefinger.

“In fact, if I remember correctly, you said I was the best sex you’ve ever had.” A cocky smile appeared on Selena’s face as she noticed Cassidy blush a deep red.

“What is your point Selena?” Cassidy asked.

“My point, Cassidy, is I can’t keep trying to convince you that I am into women. I won’t; its like beating a dead horse with a stick. I’m dating you. I’m having mind blowing sex with you. I even go down on you! That’s another misconception about bisexuals, that we don’t eat pussy, to put it bluntly. Those women? I agree aren’t really into women, so stay away from them.” Selena got up from the loveseat and walked across the room to stand in front of Cassidy and pushed her back on the couch, before sliding on top of her lap, a leg on each side of Cassidy to straddle her. Selena put her arms around Cassidy’s shoulders and threaded her fingers into her hair. Cassidy dropped her hands to the tops of Selena’s perfectly thick thighs and looked up at her. She will never deny to a soul how beautiful Selena is, or how she affects her senses. Selena may not know it, but Cassidy is wrapped around her gorgeous fingers. Selena closed her hands to snuggly grip fistfuls of the ginger’s thick mane of hair, and pulled her head back, exposing Cassidy’s neck. She placed one open mouthed kiss on the side of her neck and bit down on the smooth, sensitive flesh, before gliding the tip of her tongue up the length of it to Cassidy’s ear. Cassidy’s body flared with goosebumps and the hair on her arms and the back of her neck stood at attention. She grabbed Selena’s waist and bit her lip as she sucked an earlobe in her mouth before whispering in Cassidy’s ear.

“But I am more than willing to slide in between these gorgeous, luscious thighs of yours and devour you. Maybe I need to remind you just how good I am at that.” The way Selena spoke, low and seductive in combination with her words caused Cassidy’s breath to hitch and a low moan escaped her lips. Selena’s fingernails scrapped lightly on Cassidy’s skull and she could feel the heat from Selena’s core on her thighs and bisexual or not, this woman drove Cassidy wild with lust and need. Selena made her carnal, and more turned on than she’s ever been. She slid her hands up Selena’s back to the back of her neck and looked her in her eyes.

“So, remind me.” Cassidy said huskily and pulled Selena down to her and smashed their lips together in a heated kiss. Not just a kiss, but a clash of mouths and tongues fighting to dominate over the other. It was always like this. A game of who can top who, who owns who for the night and it was damn good to play.


An idea

So a few months ago an idea popped into my head about a heated affair between a teacher and her female 18 year old high school senior. I haven’t done so well with filling in the blanks between the scenes that pop into my head. But I think what I DO write isn’t too bad. So below is probably the second scene that popped into my head for this. I’d love to know what you think. Unless it sucks then please don’t tell me lol it isn’t very long at all since I didn’t know where else to go with it. But I may revisit!

Miaʼs phone vibrated on the desk she was currently sitting at in her home office. She glanced at the phone to see it was an incoming text message and noted the time. 7:30pm. Sheʼd been grading essays since she got home at 4:00 that afternoon. She picked up her iPhone and swiped to unlock it and open the incoming text message. She noted the sender and raised her eyebrow in suspicion at the preview that read “Attachment”. Opening the message, her breath hitched at the photo. The young woman in the photo was standing in front of a full body length mirror in what appeared to be a bathroom. She wore only a sports bra and small boy shorts. Her hair was down in a wild mess of fiery red curls flipped to the side of her face as she tilted her head, her eyes stared into the screen of the device, a serious expression on her beautiful face. Mia slowly ran her eyes over every inch of the exposed torso in the photo. The young woman’s muscles in her arms were just barely noticeable as she held her phone, the abs covered in a light sheen of sweat glistened off the surface of her skin. Down to her tight and toned thighs and legs. Mia imagined what her behind looked Like. She took her time as she studied the body with fever, the perfect sculpted body of a clear athlete. Attached to the photo was a caption that read “Post work out, pre-shower”. She couldn’t help the slight grin from coming to her face. Kiera was getting risky and as much as her mind screamed at her not to, Miaʼs fingers seemed to have a mind of their own and sent the young woman a reply.

Do you always wear boy shorts?

The three little dots that indicated a message in progress appeared on her screen. Seconds later came Kiera’s reply.

Only for work outs.

Then came another reply.

Would you like to see what I wear when I’m not working out?

Mia’s heart started to pound. Pound with guilt for what she was doing, and for the excitement she felt. Things between her and Kiera were heating up, and Mia knew she couldn’t stop it. She wanted to see. Mia wanted so much more than to just see, she wanted to act. She felt a burst of lust run through her. She wanted Kiera and it seemed Kiera wanted the same if the teasing was any indication.

I just might.

Mia replied with a winky face and nothing else. Then Mia found herself waiting. Her mind taken completely off the earlier task of grading papers, she got up from her desk to pour herself a glass of wine to steel her nerves. When she walked back, there was a message waiting for her. “Attachment”. It had been 40 minutes since Kiera’s last reply. Mia opened the message and lost her ability to breathe. Kiera once again stood in front of the mirror as she previously was. But gone were the sports bra and boy shorts. In its place, a gorgeous matching panty and bra set. Lace. Dark purple, the bra covered her breasts deliciously, holding tight against her chest and lifting them perfectly to give ample cleavage. A beautiful swoop of the top of her breath just barely poking above the fabric, a necklace sitting right in between the two. Oh, how I wish I was that necklace. Mia scanned further down once again and found the abs of the young volleyball player this time, no sweat adorned her body. Continuing her worship, she came to a stop at the tight tiny panties in matching design and color to the bra she was wearing. The panties just barely covering her lips. The caption this time said, “this set is special for you”. Miaʼs mouth

watered at the sight and couldn’t help the reply that she typed out.

Just for me?


Just for you.

Maybe you should be careful. I don’t want to have to rip those pretty little panties off you Miss. Salinas.


Oh, I’m counting on that Ms. Thompson. Tell you what? I’ll wear this set for you Monday. Keep the photo so you can remember what they look like under all my clothes and think about ripping my panties off.

Mia closed her eyes tight knowing how much trouble this girl was going to get her into. But the rush of her was getting too much to ignore. And she no longer wanted to. Before she could reply, another “Attachment” came through. This time, a hand slipped into the front of those beautiful lace panties and the caption read “Goodnight Ms. Thompson”. It was at that moment that Mia knew all of her restraint was gone. She would have Kiera. She would take her to bed and nothing would stop her. Mia looked at the photo again and felt the heat pooling between her legs. She groaned as she threw the phone down on her desk and got up to take a cold shower or else she wouldn’t be able to sleep.

Delayed flights?

So, I’m sure a lot of us have been on an airplane yes? How about being stuck at the airport due to a flight delay? Yeah, I’m pretty sure of few of us have.

So I just recently came back from a trip to the lovely sunshine state of Florida (It wasn’t very sunny when I was there but…another time) and I had the pleasure of having both of my flights delayed. Heading down my flight was delayed 40 minutes due to shitty weather down in Florida so that wasn’t too bad of a wait. Coming home however was a different story. AGAIN we were set to wait an additional 40 minutes after scheduled time and why? Because we couldn’t find our flight crew due to the current flight being rerouted. Peachy. So we are sitting and waiting while I am eating my chicken nuggets and FINALLY they show up and were able to get us on board. Then as I think we will make it home at a decent time, our pilot stops before taking off announcing we will be waiting a little more. Why did we wait you ask? MORE SHITTY WEATHER. After about another 30 minutes of waiting (by this point I am already annoyed by the A-hole sitting next to me) we finally take off.

Now here is the thing. At the airport overheard a woman on the phone with the airlines customer service. Apparently she had been at the airport for 12 hours. TWELVE HOURS. I would’ve flipped it and lost my shit. I can barely sit still for the 2 hour and 45 minute flight so sitting in an airport for 12 hours probably would’ve killed me. Now I’m not sure what they did to compensate her but I hope it was good or else she’s going to leave a pretty nasty review on google. Just saying.

Moral of the story? There really isn’t one, just going on about how much delays suck and my advice? Eat chicken nuggets.

Number 2?

So, this would be blog post number 2. I find myself sitting on my bed trying to find the words to fill into the open word doc I have on my desktop. Let me clear this up, I am by no means a writer. Though I may have a few good ideas and scenes I seem to have trouble with putting them into a full length piece of work. Go figure right? As much as I love reading books and short stories I just cant write one. I am not chronologically gifted, not the best speller and quite frankly not as witty as I thought I was. Yes, that was quite the blow. I tried writing third person for my first piece but it has been brought to my attention that MAYBE it isn’t my strength. I might try first person next (side note, I wrote the word “first” probably 4 times because I kept putting the letter E in it. Why? I’m not sure). But I still try. I still write when it comes to me and even when it doesn’t, I still try to put something down.

I have honestly had some awesome supporters who are authors themselves and its been pretty awesome. I sure didn’t expect to meet such friendly and open minded people. They encourage me to write and gas me up when they read my stuff. Those women are the coolest. I have to try and sleep because I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. See ya for now!

First times are fun

I have been told that blogging is a pretty good way to do a lot of things. Whether its speaking your mind, speaking opinions or just looking to show people what you like to write. I’ll be honest here I have never blogged before nor have I ever written a novel but here I am, blogging and noveling (is that even a word? The red squiggle on my end implicates no but I’m going to keep it). I read a lot and I mean ALOT and it gives me all these cool ideas in my head about things I would like to read. One indie author threw out there that I should write what I want to read and she had a valid point. So I will be sharing with you guys bits and pieces of what id like to read and am therefore writing as well as some other fun things. Hope to have you reading!